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Motorcycle Shipping Services


Shipping a motorcycle/motorbike is no easy task – one not to be undertaken lightly. It may seem simple enough but special precautions need to be taken to ensure the motorbike remains upright and intact throughout the journey. When shipping a motorcycle/motorbike,it should be drained of fluids that may leak or spill, it needs to be carefully strapped and secured to a customized pallet, which itself must be secured. Motorcycles/motorbikes should be transported in an enclosed truck, protected from the elements and environment they are more easily secured inside a transport truck. Experienced in enclosed auto transportation services, we make motorcycle shipping easy and affordable for everyone. Our job is simply to deliver the bike exactly as it was picked up.

Benefits of Using Motorcycle Transport Services


Here are some of the top benefits of using a Ferris Auto Transport to ship your motorcycle to another place

  1. Easy Door-To-Door Transportation – Easy and convenient door-to-door pick up and delivery to transport your bike safely.
  2. It is Fast – Motorbikes are easy to transport safely and quickly.
  3. It makes Sense – Long distance drives are a challenge for motorbikes both for the bike and the rider. As a motorbike enthusiast you already know that riding a bike can be physically tiring and while riding in good weather is wonderful, riding in bad weather is not fun! If a motorbike has to be moved a long distance: It just makes more sense to transport it. No wear and tear on the motorbike or you!
  4. Transport Multiple Bikes – When you use a transport company, you can transport multiple bikes at the same time.
  5. Cost Effective – bikes can be transported at the same time as other vehicles and may not cost as much as you think!

Why to Choose Ferris Auto Transport for Motorcycle Shipping

  • Experience – Formed in 1985, Ferris Transportation has decades of experience transporting all kinds of vehicles including motorbikes. We provide safe and reliable transport solutions for all our customers.
  • The Right Equipment – Ferris Auto Transport has vehicles ideally suited for transporting motorbikes and that are ideal for locations with limited accessibility.
  • Location – We can easily arrange pick-ups and deliveries, especially from MA to FL and all points in-between!
  • Safety – Our trailers are completely enclosed to protect your bike from the elements. Each motorcycle is individually secured, and we guarantee safe delivery.
  • On-Time Delivery – We deliver right to your door, on time every time.
  • Customer Service – Personalized service is provided 24/7!

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