6 Things You Should Know About Auto Transport Insurance

After a home, a car is the second most expensive commodity that most of us invest in. We insure our cars – a valuable prized possession – against theft, accidents, and replacement. The insurance coverage varies from insurance company to company, and the insurance coverage that you expect from the insurance company may or may not be in place. Make sure that your car insurance policy includes coverage for shipping. You should also make sure to verify the insurance coverage carried by an auto transport company you are considering contracting with.

This article will help you with some vital information you should know regarding the insurance carried by auto transport companies.

  • Check the authenticity of insurance coverage: Ask the car transport company for a proof of insurance – a copy of the insurance certificate. Check the validity of the insurance certificate. Verify the parameters of the coverage – if there are restrictions, deductibles or contingencies, find out what they are.
  • Get the agreement in writing: Make sure that you receive a copy of the signed agreement to the terms and conditions. This will safeguard you from unexpected events like accidents or damages.
  • Inquire with your auto insurance company about your car insurance coverage: Check with your car insurance company and verify your car insurance coverage before your car is shipped. Do not make a mistake by assuming that your insurance company will cover your entire vehicle, instead, get it confirmed.
  • Remove loose items from your vehicle: Shipping insurance usually covers only the vehicle and not the personal items in or attached to the vehicle. And, if these items were to cause damage, that damage might not be covered. For this reason, it is advisable to remove all personal items from the car and all the accessories installed – like roof/bike racks, GPS, music system and CD storage etc.
  • Inspection your car before loading it in the trailer: Auto transportation companies will inspect your car for existing damage before loading it into their trailer. It is recommended for you to be present at the time of inspection. Additionally, take photographs from all sides and angles of your car before handing over your car keys to the auto shipping company.
  • Fill out The Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading, a legal document required in all 50 states, applies to everything that is shipped. It consists of details like what is being shipped and its condition. In the auto transportation industry, a document is signed at the time of loading and delivery by both the owner of the vehicle and the transportation company representative. The owner should receive a copy which is a proof that his vehicle was loaded and delivered.

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