Auto Transport Carriers: The Best Way to Ship Cars

So, you are shifting to a new town – and have already booked the moving company to ship your belongings; But what about your vehicles? How will they get to your new home? You may be wondering what your options are – yes, always there are!

Will you drive or ship your vehicles?

By the end of this blog, you will have a much better idea of your options and what is involved with each!

Which is the best way to transport a car to a new location?

The choices for car transportation range from using a professional auto transportation service, hiring a driver or driving the vehicle yourself. The decision you make will depend on several factors including, no doubt, the cost and which option will best suit your budget. But, along with budget, there are some other factors you should also consider.

Let’s consider one by one the options that are available.

Drive the Vehicle Yourself Factors

  • The time, energy and effort involved in physically driving.
  • Mapping and driving an unfamiliar route and the associated stress it brings.
  • The actual cost of driving yourself, gas, tolls, refreshments, overnight accommodation
  • Wear and tear on the vehicle, especially for classic, exotic and antique cars.
  • If the additional mileage will impact leased cars.
  • The inconveniences that arise from; making a wrong turn, delays because of road works or accidents, being involved in an accident or breaking down.

Hire Professional Driver Factors

  • You have trust in the person doing the driving.
  • Concern and stress about how the driver will handle; refueling, delays, the route, and the car.
  • Will the driver take regular stops and not drive when tired.
  • How well will the driver care for your vehicle (especially if it is a classic, luxury, antique).
  • What happens if the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident?
  • Who will carry the insurance for the vehicle and driver for the length of the drive?
  • If an overnight stay is required, how will the vehicle be protected?
  • How will the driver make the return journey and who pays for that?

Hire a Professional Auto Transport Carrier Factors

  • Whether to use an auto transport broker or independent company
  • Whether to choose enclosed and open transportation carriers
  • Will the transport company collect your vehicle and deliver it to you?
  • Does the transport company have the appropriate licenses, insurance, and experience
  • How long will it take to ship your vehicle and will the timing work for you?
  • There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, but using a professional transportation company is the only option that offers you, no headaches, no stress, and complete peace of mind.
  • Professional take care of everything ensuring utmost safety!

Ferris Auto Transport, an independent auto transport company, using only enclosed trailers, offers safe and reliable door-to-door motorcycle and Car Shipping Services.

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