Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much insurance coverage does Ferris Auto Transport carry?

Ferris Auto Transport is fully insured. We carry $1,000,000 in cargo transported and $1,000,000 in general liability. We are happy to share more detailed information or supply copies of the certification. Please contact us with your questions.

Why should I use an enclosed trailer to ship my vehicle?

Enclosed trailers provide the optimum protection, safety and security for your vehicle. Protection from the elements; sun, rain, hail etc. It also provides protection from road debris – there will be no bugs on the windscreen! Enclosed trailers also provide protection from prying eyes, theft and malicious damage. If you are considering shipping a convertible, a luxury car, an antique or a classic car you should use an enclosed trailer.

I am worried about the safety and security of my vehicle during the transit.

Ferris Auto Transport understand their clients concerns, and handle every car with respect and care. Safety and security are our top priority. We only use enclosed trailers – the trailer option that offers the most security. Trailers are kept locked for the entire journey – once locked, after your vehicle is loaded, they are not opened again until your car is delivered! To make sure the vehicle is secure and safe throughout the journey the vehicle is secured to the floor of the trailer using a variety of straps including; padded frame straps, basket straps & e-track wheel straps. We make sure the wheel rims remain untouched. Seat covers and floor mats are standard to ensure the vehicle arrives as clean and pristine as when it was picked up. Special precautions are taken when transporting motorcycles, custom or antique vehicles.

Which type of trailer should be used to transport a classic or exotic car?

Without a doubt, using an enclosed auto transport trailer is the best option. Classics, convertibles and exotic cars are best shipped with the added protection only available when an enclosed trailer is used.

What does door to door shipping mean exactly?

Door to Door shipping means just what it implies – one of our licensed and trained drivers will collect and load the vehicle at the location specified by you. Then unload and deliver the vehicle at the location specified by you. That is how we do Door to Door shipping!

What is the difference between using a trucking company and a trucking broker?

A trucking broker is an intermediary that contracts with a trucking company; Using a shipping broker you will not deal directly with the company shipping your vehicle. Brokers may engage more than one trucking company to transport the vehicle. You will have little or no control on who and how your vehicle is handled and transported. A trucking company is the company that will handle and move your vehicle. Using a trucking company such as Ferris Auto Transport – you will be in direct contact with the company actually shipping the vehicle. The trucking company can tailor the collection and delivery to specific needs, are available to answer any and all questions and give personal guarantees.

Do you provide overnight delivery or expedited auto transport services?

Yes we DO! Ferris Auto Transport drivers are experienced, trained, and fully insured to safely deliver your vehicle in the shortest amount of time possible. With vehicles capable of accessing locations with restricted access, we can collect and deliver just about anywhere! Expedited or last minute auto transport services are accommodated on an as needed basis at the time of inquiry.

What steps should I take to prepare my vehicle for transportation?

Before your vehicle is transported you will receive instructions specific for your vehicle. Each type of vehicle (car, motorcycle etc.) has it’s own requirements. These will include; removing all personal belongings, making sure there is no more than 1/4 tank of gas, and that the brakes, lights etc are in good working order. At Ferris Auto Transport, we take every precaution when preparing a vehicle for transportation and make sure that every detail is taken care of.