Frequently Asked Questions Before You Hire Any Car Shipper

There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration before seeking an auto transportation company. Most people prefer to ask questions which are important for delivering your car safely. But sometimes you can forget to ask a few questions that can be helpful for car shipping.

Questions to assist you in selecting the right car shippers

  1. If I want my car on a certain date, then when should I schedule the car transport? It is very necessary to discuss this before car shipping. As the transportation of car depends on the distance, circumstances, and the type of car transporter you select. Generally, it takes 2 weeks to transport a car. And so ensure that your car is picked up on time.
  2. Will it be Ok if I put personal items in my car? It depends on which type of carrier you select. Some carriers do allow to ship your personal items up to 100lbs. but, department of transportation have certain weight limits. The auto transportation company or the driver is not responsible for your personal or household items. And so, if an accident occurs the damage caused to the inside of the car isn’t covered by insurance.
  3. How should I prepare my vehicle before I hand over the keys to a car shipper? It is vital to prepare your vehicle first. As it is your most valuable car, it is obvious that you don’t want to take a risk.
  4. What if my car is delivered damaged? It is very important to take note of your damaged car. Because insurance needs a proof that your car has been damaged by the shipper. So, important guidelines must be followed before a claim can be processed. Take a photo of your damaged car and submit it to who has shipped your car. It will be a carrier who accepts or denies the claims.
  5. Is it necessary to be there at the time of pick-up? It is highly recommended that you or any of your close ones are available at the time of delivery. It is important to verify the documentation so that you can come to know the condition of your vehicle. It is good to take the time to see if your car is delivered safely.

In the end, hiring the best auto transportation company is what counts. Every classic car needs the best-enclosed car shipper to deliver with extra care. Ferris Auto Transport is one of the best door to door car transportation company of classic cars in the Massachusetts. You receive your car the way you had it before.

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