Important Things That Affect on Car Transportation Cost

There are many reasons people need an auto transport companies to move a vehicle from one place to another. For example; a family is moving to another state/country, someone has purchased a new car, or if a small business needs to hire a car for local transportation or delivery services and more. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that is important is to find the best deal for the shipment and hire the best auto transport service company who can deliver your vehicle safely and on time. But the shipping cost depends on several factors which are important to consider in order to make the best deal with an auto transport company.

  1. Size of the Vehicle – At the time of delivery, one of the biggest factors that affects the price is the size of your vehicle. For a huge vehicle, the cost will be higher. For example; if it’s an SUV over a hatchback, no doubt that the price for the vehicle will be much higher than the other. The size of the vehicle really makes a difference at overall shipping cost.
  2. Distance – It is but obvious that the more your vehicle travels on the road, the more it will cost. Though, the shipping rate varies from company to company. It depends on the auto transportation company that you select. And so, it is vital to research properly and find the cost of every company that they provide based on the distance. As the cost of the vehicle will depend on how long it will take your vehicle to ship from the pickup point to reach the destination.
  3. Season – The costs go on a much higher side in peak months. During summer, the price for shipping a vehicle increases more than in winter. If you are planning beforehand, research the best auto transport company, their peak rates, and the discounts that shipping companies are offering during offseason. Irrespective of the season, it is always a good idea to book the best auto transport company well in advance to ensure availability.
  4. The Available Shipping Options – There are many shipping options available for transporting your vehicle. For example; enclosed transport, open transport, door-to-door, terminal to terminal, operable, and inoperable. The owner chooses the best-suited option that is available for their car. And so, the cost totally depends on the method of shipping.
  5. Insurance Policies – If in case while transporting your vehicle, any damage occurs, a shipping company’s insurance can save your money and extra cost, than a company which doesn’t have any car insurance policies. Thus, it is vital to check if your auto transport company covers any damages that shipping might incur.
  6. Fast Delivery – For flexible shipping, the cost is as per the standard. But, if you want your vehicle picked up on a certain date than there is any additional fee which a company charged for rushed shipping. For fast delivery, a company generally include the extra shipping cost.
  7. Vehicle Fleets – Generally, business holders go for this type of shipping method. The best example is an automotive showroom. For business or any other purposes they frequently need to ship a fleet of vehicles at a time. Here, you can ask for a discount from your shipping company, as you are transporting all your vehicles in bulk.
  8. Payment Methods – Normally, all shipping companies accept the payments via cash, check and credit cards. While discussing the shipping cost with your auto transport company, make sure that you ask what payment methods they use or are there any extra charge on credit card. When carriers take the deposit, mostly it is refundable. But brokers generally don’t refund it. And so, if you are concerned about the deposit amount, a carrier is the best option.

Though the cost varies as per auto transport companies, all the above points are the major reason that can affect your shipping cost. But primarily, the best shipping company with a trustable brand is worth to opt for, as they provide the best shipping services and delivers the vehicle unscathed.

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