Questions To Ask Car Movers Before Hiring Them

A shipping company shines when people want to move from one place to another. People find shifting to be a hectic schedule. As a result, they always seek an easy option. People consider car transportation the best option to make things easier for themselves. Before hiring a company to ship your car, there are few important questions that you should ask.

  1. Are they a registered company? Any car shipping company that provides transportation services needs to be registered with the Department of Transportation, especially if it delivers between states. The company should also be able to provide you with an official “DOT number.” You should also check the FMCSA website to verify if your auto car transportation company has a motor carrier number. If you’re moving out of the country and want to hire a car shipper, make sure it’s registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.
  2. What services do they provide? This is a very important question, especially when you’re moving internationally. Some shipping companies only operate regionally. The second thing you should ask is what type of cars do they generally transport? Some transportation companies do have restrictions on certain type of car transport. If you have a classic car, find out if they have enclosed car shipping service.
  3. Ask how much they cost? This is the top list question for everyone. Car transportation companies generally give an estimate based on certain factors, including the model of the car, year, and the distance of your car will be shipped. The car transport cost varies from company to company. You should understand in detail what’s included in the cost to avoid extra charges.
  4. Do they provide insurance? You need to make sure that your auto car transportation company has adequate car insurance coverage. You can also check their insurance documents. See exactly what type of cover the car transportation company has for your classic car.
  5. How long will it take for shipping? It depends from company to company. It also depends on the process of your car transport company. No car shipping company can guarantee you a quotes for a delivery time because of environmental situations. In general, a coast-to-coast transportation takes up to 2 weeks. Overseas transport can take even longer.
  6. How are payments delivered? Some companies ask to you to pay full amount upfront. However, others will take a deposit first and the rest of the amount at the time of delivery. Make sure you ask about the payment arrangements the company requires. Also, confirm the available methods of payments as some might not accept checks.
  7. What if the car gets damaged? It’s vital to do a thorough inspection at the time of shipping your car. In case your car gets damaged during transit, you can easily document it with the help of the delivery report and the driver’s signature. This can help you make a claim against the shipping company’s insurance if necessary.

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