The Fastest Way to Ship Your Car

Expedited auto shipping can deliver your vehicle quickly at your doorstep. It’s the best option for antique, classic, vintage, and high-end vehicles because it provides more secure, expedited transport services for any valuable car. Enclosed auto transportation ensures that cars reach their destination safely and quickly.

What Does Fast Really Mean in Auto Shipping?

Customers should know how quickly their car will get loaded into an auto shipper to reach its destination. Generally, mainstream transporters can only travel for about 350 miles per day. As a result, your vehicle might not reach your destination within 48 hours. It’s very difficult for an overland transporter to deliver your car that quickly. That’s where expedited service comes into play. It’s the fastest way to ship your exotic car.

Expedited service is the fastest method for exotic car shipping. If you really want your car to be picked up within two days, you can opt for expedited service for an additional cost. The final price, however, totally depends on the standard pickup window. Generally it’s 1-2 weeks, though there’s also a two-day pickup window that’s available. This window is much harder to accommodate. Not all auto transportation companies in your area offer exotic car shipping. That said, if you own an exotic car and really need the fastest service possible, the option is worth it.

Are you looking for a company which provides expedited car shipping services? Ferris Auto Transport provides the best car shipping services for classic and exotic car customers. Ferris auto transport offers the safest, highest quality customer experience to meet each vehicle’s individual needs.

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