What are the Different Types of Car Movers?

The car transport trailer you choose will depend on your budget, time frame, and the type of car. The auto transport trailer also depends on the distance. For example, you might want safer service for longer distances. It’s always good to research different types of transport trucks and trailers to ensure safe delivery of your car. This way, you can look at multiple auto transport trucks to select the best auto shipping company in your area. So, what are the different types of auto transport trucks and trailers?

Open Auto Transport

An open carrier is among the most popular auto shipping methods. Apart from being inexpensive, the open carrier is efficient too. This auto transport trailer can deliver more than one car, which is the best part since it results in a faster delivery service. More than 90% of auto transport trucks are open carriers. It’s also the more environmentally-friendly option because of the decreased fuel consumption. The only downside is that your car may be more exposed to weather and road hazards. It’s important to hire trustworthy car movers to provide safe service.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Though it’s less popular than open auto transport truck, it’s still widely used to transport luxury and collectible cars. The enclosed auto transport can cost you up to twice as much as an open carrier. The main advantage of this shipping method is that it offers maximum protection from hazardous weather and road conditions. This car mover option offers a personal service for your car. So, if you want your valuable car to reach its destination safely, and you’re willing to spend the additional time and money, the enclosed auto transport service is the most recommended option.

Multi-Vehicle Trailer

This option is cheaper compared to a single vehicle trailer. The disadvantage is that the multi-vehicle delivery service is much slower. Maximum time they face problem to navigate the small and narrow residential area. In that case, you have to visit their parking lot to load or unload your vehicle.

Single Vehicle Trailer

As the name suggests, this option provides a single vehicle transport service. Because of the personalized service, it does tend to cost more. The single vehicle trailer can reach any destination and delivers the car right to your door. This trailer also comes in both open and enclosed options. It’s mostly used when you need the delivery quickly and safely.

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