What is Door to Door Auto Transportation?

Door-to-door auto transportation is very simply just that your vehicle is picked up at your door & delivered to your door! On the agreed day and at the appointed time, your vehicle is picked up at the address of your choice, after the pre-loading inspection is completed, the vehicle is immediately loaded for transportation. Upon completion of the journey, following a phone conversation to confirm the time, your vehicle is delivered on the date and to the address given as agreed. The vehicle is unloaded, a post transportation inspection is done and the keys given back to the owner. It’s as easy as that!

Terminal shipping, on the other hand, is more cumbersome and requires active participation. The vehicle to be transported is driven to the shipping transportation facility and left to be loaded for shipping. The driver must find their own way back.

Door-to-door car shipping is the most comfortable, easy and convenient way to ship a car.

Why door-to-door auto transportation service?

  • Door-to-door auto transportation service is stress-free, easy and convenient.
  • Door-to-door auto shipping saves time, is straightforward and faster than shipping using a company that uses terminal shipping.
  • Door-to-door auto shipping is safe and secure.
  • Door-to-door auto shipping is a personal service – you’ll meet the driver who’ll be transporting your vehicle. With terminal shipping, one does not necessarily know who’ll be driving the truck and it may be multiple people.

Do I really need door-to-door auto transportation service?

Door-to-door auto transportation makes your car shipping needs easy. Using door-to-door enclosed auto transportation services ensures that your vehicle, be it a classic, exotic, luxury, antique, or your everyday personal vehicle, receives personal attention, from pick up at your location to delivery at your destination. No need for you to drop off the vehicle, consider door-to-door shipping the equivalent of valet parking.

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, door-to-door enclosed auto transportation company in Massachusetts, then contact Ferris Auto Transport – a trusted and reliable vehicle shipping company that only does door-to-door shipping using enclosed auto transportation with a million dollar insurance coverage.

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