When To Hire an Enclosed Carrier for Shipping a Car

Most people are unaware of the benefits that come with using an enclosed car shipping carrier. It’s true that enclosed car transport carriers are more expensive (about 60% more) than open transport carriers: But enclosed car shipping carriers have advantages that open car shipping carriers don’t. People should understand the difference between enclosed and open car transport carriers and when it’s applicable to use each of them.

This article will help you understand when to contract with an enclosed carrier for shipping a car:

  • When transporting your car long distances – over 300 miles: A car on an open trailer is prone to damage from road debris. Small particles can cause damage to the bodywork, trim and windows of a car when hit at high speed.
  • When transporting your car in potentially bad weather conditions: Driving in bad weather is not fun, and those with luxury, antique or exotic cars, try to avoid driving at all in bad weather anyway. Putting a valued car on an open transport in a bad weather is no different. Open transport carriers offer no protection from extreme heat, rain, hail, snow or high wind storms that whip up road debris.
  • When transporting a bespoke, iconic, luxury or hot rod car: These ultimate driving machines, when not being driven, should be kept in a dust free environment. Using an enclosed car shipping carrier not only protects the exterior bodywork, trim, and windows; but also prevents dust and road debris from compromising exposed moving parts.
  • When transporting an antique car: Only the owner of an antique car understands its real worth. Its value is more than just money. The value is – pure love! Antique cars are irreplaceable. You’ll not want to expose your antique car to a situation where it might get damaged, however, unlikely that may be. Using an enclosed car transport carrier is the best way to ensure that it’s protected at all times from all eventualities.

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