Why Enclosed Auto Shipping Trailers are Perfect for Vehicle Transportation?

If you are relocating miles from your current location – many questions will come to your mind, including very important one; How will my vehicle(s) get there? The obvious answer is to transport them using an auto transportation service. The ideal way for transport your vehicle would be in enclosed truck – these trucks are perfect for exotic, luxury, antique cars, and everyday cars as well! This blog will explore the reasons why it is best to use enclosed transportation.

The following are the top 4 benefits of using enclosed auto shipping trailers:

Safe and Protected

Enclosed car shipping is always a safe and secure way to ship your vehicle(s), irrespective of the distance. Vehicles are loaded onto the trucks with care and secured in position so they will not move during the journey. The hard body of the enclosed trailer will protect your vehicle from the external elements, the road, and prying eyes. With protection from rain, hail, sun and snow, as well as road debris, dust and bugs – your car will arrive in the condition it was collected. When transporting classic, exotic, antique, custom or high-end cars – it is particularly important that they are safe and protected.

Avoid Damage

Using enclosed transportation ensures the level of care and professionalism used to load, secure and unload the vehicle being transported. Enclosed transportation companies intentionally limit the number of vehicles they transport to ensure each vehicle has adequate room and is properly secured for the journey.

Door-to-Door Collection and Delivery

Enclosed transportation vehicles can allow for door-to-door collection and delivery. Enclosed trailers are easily maneuvered in areas with limited access for large trucks. No need for you to drop off and collect your car transportation companies with enclosed trailers can collect and deliver for you!

Personal Services

Typically enclosed transport vehicles transports between 1 and 6 cars in a single trip. Transportation companies using enclosed trailers can offer tailored and personal service. Your vehicle will never just be a number, it will be handled with the care and respect that you give it. So, enclosed transportation ensures personal service at its best!

Expedited Shipping Services

Shipping vehicles at short notice requires shipping companies to be flexible with their availability. Enclosed trailers with their increased maneuverability and smaller size allow for that flexibility. Companies using enclosed car transportation trailers can get the delivery done quicker!

Enclosed transportation won’t be the cheapest option – hard sided transportation vehicles come at a premium. You will, however, appreciate the value and benefits of using enclosed transportation.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, you can use open or enclosed transportation services. Some people will choose open air transport services and possible save some money. Others may prefer to use enclosed transport services and rest assured in the secure knowledge that their vehicle is well cared for and will arrive as it was collected – in perfect condition and on time!

The choice is yours!

If you are looking for vehicle transportation services, expedited or not, Ferris Auto will provide safe, secure and reliable door-to-door auto transportation services.

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